Friday, January 7, 2011

Qualified Professional Scrum Master -I

I have since long used Scrum in various forms but never got “certified”. Then I came across and reading through this and its reviews I was really tempted to see how much knowledge I had. I attempted the free Assessment and got only 74% marks (qualifying marks were 85%). Now I knew that I may be distorting Scrum unknowingly and I went through the Scrum Guide seriously and was enlightened in many ways. Took the test almost 10 days later and passed with 91% marks.

So, I am a Professional Scrum Master -I that is good to hear, but in addition I came to know what mistakes I was making in implementing it in our team and coincidentally we are starting a new Sprint on 10Jan2011 and I would ensure that those mistakes are not repeated.

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  1. Hi Kulbhushan,

    Will you be able to advise on the resources one should follow while preparing for this exam through self study?