Friday, January 7, 2011

Inducting Interns

We decided to offer three candidates internship. They are all MCA final year students who have 6 months of industrial exposure as part of their curriculum.

I made a decision to ask the current engineering team to select the three individuals from a pool of 13 in a single day. We had an aptitiude test, a simple Java test including a small program writing and a general question paper to judge the clarity of the individual regarding training followed by an interview taken by the three engineering staff.I also sat down with the engineering team to come with a probable plan of study and project that should help them cover the curriculum needs and also know how software development happens in our company.

The three interns joined us on 03Jan2011. If end of 6 months we have any open vacancies should we provide these three individuals a first shot at it? I am not sure, but I think it is better to evaluate a person in 6 months than in 60 minutes. Let us see how it goes. The only thing that I plan to gurantee is that they would have good exposure to working in teams than their colleagues.

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