Monday, May 3, 2010


This blog will mainly concentrate on my journey of the Software Development world since 1992. During these years, I moved from a novice Developer to lead teams of 25+ engineers as part of a product with a 100+ engineering team and then to another young team of 6+ engineers on an Internet Project. I have worked with single site teams and distributed teams with individuals having experience ranging from 0 to 16 yrs. I have worked in programming languages from Fortran to C to C++ and Java and applications from Dektop to Client Server and currently Internet.

So, as anyone can easily guess, I have interacted with many individuals (Engineers, Managers, Sr. Managers and MDs) – observed their actions in various situations and learned a lot from them. Hopefully, I have also been able to impress upon some of them with what my ideas of what good Software Engineer/Engineering is.

The experiences that I had has lead me to forming some perceptions, theories and expectations, which I would be sharing on this blog. I would aim to provide a complete context before I write about anything so that the reader can provide constructive feedback so that my views are refined. Also, I would deliberately not name names or companies so as not to create unnecessary and fruitless discussions.

End of all this if my writings would turn out useful to a few, I would be glad as I know - that I have myself benefited from some exceptional people I have interacted with.

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