Monday, May 31, 2010

How a new joiner can get to speed quickly...

As per my experience there is a big chasm between the academics and the Software Development industry in India. I have my theory for why it exists (a topic for a seperate blog).

But, I do wish that the new engineers that are recruited (some of them months in advance from campuses) spend some time getting ready for the industry before arriving on their new jobs. I have seen many engineers who may have scored high in aptitude tests etc. arrive on their jobs with no effort put in to get ready for the work. Many of them have the attitude “employers should provide training”. This may be fine with those who join the big companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro who can pamper them for some months before assigning tasks but for the majority of smaller sized companies in India it is discouraging to see this attitude.

Following is my wish-list from a new joiner:

  • Should have basic knowledge of the languages that the organisation works with (this must have been told during the interview or asked/researched by the person).

  • Should know and used at least one Version Control System.

  • Should have a “team mentality” instead of being an individual player.

  • Should know when “he is stuck” or “when he needs help”.

  • Should interact and communicate with peers and superiors (also helps out in 4).

  • Should use the platforms provided in the organisations (meetings, information sharing sessions etc.) to expand his skills.

  • Be passionate about any task assigned. Yes, you would some day architect a huge application, but you will have to prove your worth in smaller tasks first.

  • Be open to challenging (though with facts & figures) ideas, processes followed.

Unfortunately I find many a times these skills lacking even in experienced candidates. If these points are conciously taken care the person would quickly feel at home in his new assignment and start liking the work and being effective quickly.

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