Monday, July 12, 2010

Continuous Learning, and Quicker Delivery

I consider that there is a strong relation between “Continous Learning” and “Quicker Delivery”.

Most of the time projects / products or a company's /team's usage of technologies is a set of few items. With the areas of work defined it should be every team member's endeavour to master these areas so that when new tasks come up the team member's have broad knowledge if not in depth knowledge of how they are to be accomplished.

My peeve against majority of software professionals is that they do not spend this time learning and end of the appraisal we find that we can still not do tasks faster or with higher quality leading to frustration of the “Product Owner” who expects improvements for the yearly financial raise provided. This also leads to individuals who have “gained experience in number of years”, but not in type and complexity of tasks performed.

One of the reasons provided by the individuals is that they do not get any time. Unfortunately, even on teams that I have restricted to 45hrs a week work these reasons are spoken of. I feel it is a necessity of all software professionals to continously learn so that they do not forget the “art of learning” and in the process become obsolete in the times to come.

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